Jackie acts as a consultant in the following capacity to our Group:

- A business coach to some members of our Management Executive Team

- Has provided strategic planning advice particularly with a focus on people planning requirements and engagement.

Jackie has had a continuous role with our Group for many years and we are very pleased with her role. I would be pleased to commend Jackie to any organization seeking enthusiastic engagement, professional skills to address the task and the ability to work with a wide range of diverse personalities.

Those in our Management Executive Team who are involved in ongoing coaching also attest to the benefits they have received – with confidentiality assured.”

(Managing Director of a specialized national insurer operating nationally)

“Jackie’s psychology background combines with her corporate experience to form an uncommon and important capacity to focus on people AND business.

Because of this, she can support clients to improve relationships and leadership capabilities, and delve deeper into personal development when it’s useful, while paying attention to corporate realities and issues.

“I love working with Jackie, especially in co-facilitating groups and especially because of her dynamism.”

(Howard Boorman)

Jackie’s strength as a coach is that she combines a very commercial approach and a deep understanding of human behaviour.  The result is a successful coaching experience for the executives she works with.  Jackie really understands the issues senior executives face in their roles and works effectively with them to facilitate improvement in their performance.  Jackie’s approachable style provides a level of comfort but at the same time she ‘doesn’t let people off the hook’.

(ANZ Department Head)