Together, you and Jackie can customise a coaching program that meets your needs. Contact can be face to face, by phone, skype, email or a combination of these methods. Jackie’s clients are both men and women typically within the age range of 28-60. She works with some people intensively during critical times, others prefer to meet on a fortnightly basis over several months or to work together for a defined period. The specific nature of the coaching various widely depending on the needs (individual and organisational), wants and circumstances of the person in front of her.

Organisations often produce environments in which cultural and political overlays determine spoken and unspoken rules of conduct. A great leader is someone who: is very self aware; has consistent values and behaves in line with those values; is able to adapt their own viewpoint in light of new evidence; can take responsibility for actions; communicates succinctly but powerfully; can tolerate high levels of ambiguity; is genuinely curious about others and is healthily humble. If you can look at who you really are, rather than who you think you should be, you will have the freedom to change in a way that brings real career and relationship progress.  This may, at times, be a challenging and confronting experience.  At all times, Jackie has the client’s best interest at heart in providing provoking and challenging feedback.

•    Becoming more skilled in identifying and meeting your own needs
•    Improving your understanding of your own patterns of interpreting the world
•    Elevating your ability to use difference and diversity for creative solutions
•    Increasing your generosity of spirit in dealing with others
•    Engaging with people in a crisper, more fruitful and authentic way
•    Truly understanding how others see and experience you
•    Enhancing your capacity to understand what is going on between people and to do something about it
•    Creating high performance momentum in teams
•    Increasing your confidence to experiment and stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone


Any existing team – be it a delivery team, a working party, leadership team, management board, steering committee can experience the profound benefits of attending to what is actually happening when they are together. To focus on the ‘process’ of the team itself as opposed to just the ‘content’ that forms the subject matter they deal with can serve to unlock huge amounts of energy that has been otherwise expended in keeping people feeling safe. By engaging as a team in process work, some of the benefits include:-

-    Creating an opening for innovation, creative energy and possibility through dialogue.
-    Learning how to ‘create permissions’ – in support of optimal functioning
-    Learning how to put support agreements in place in a group, to say some of the things that often go unsaid
-    Becoming comfortable with giving and receiving honest feedback & self disclosure
-    Becoming more direct and clear
-    Experiencing a clearing of the air / fresh start.
-    Developing a genuine capacity to allow for & leverage difference
-    Experience a profound difference in your ability to interpret situations
-    Having a model and real skills for dealing with conflict or difficult ‘stuff’
-    Experimenting with new ways of interacting
-    Learning by doing, so that the ‘new way’ lives on, long after the consultant has left the building

Away from the desk

The team comes together for isolated periods of time (ie. half a day, 1 day, 2 days) outside the workplace to be guided through a process of focusing on ‘itself.’  Unlike many of the team days you will have attended, this experience will truly shift the ground by providing the team with a new invigorating way of being in the workplace.

In Amongst you

Jackie works with the team in ‘BAU’ (Business as Usual) mode; for example in team meetings or external meetings to observe and facilitate group process in the ‘here & now’.  While people are focused on their actual tasks & outcomes within time pressures and other influences operating, Jackie can observe closely BAU interactions and provide meaningful real time feedback to the team members.  Jackie needs to be convinced that the team’s leader has a genuine appetite for sharing and transparency rather than authoritative imposition or covert agendas before agreeing to do this work.